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Sorry not A Rant but Help needed
aya_no_michi wrote in hsjrants
I am doing this for a friend .
WE need help from people who live in Italy and Netherlands
a couple of young amazing Japanese people are traveling around the world
they are in need for help to finish their tour ,
they aim to collect Dreams all around of the world
I didn't have the chance to meet them but my friends in my Japanese class met them and they told me they are amazingly amazing
if anyone can help them tell me or contact my friend so she can provide you with the information
you can check their website

please if you can help tell us , my friend made a live journal account so you can contact her on it.. it is [info]michico_24

but here is a glimps of what is the 88Spirits
"88 in the world generations (generation born around 1988) to connect the aspirations of 888 people, two young men stood up. Invite a friend to support both the world of the future Journal, Around the World ("Friends Journal") travel. Around the world in 22 countries from August 2011 through March 2010, 88 generations of 888 people worldwide, "Journal," We will introduce the web."

please give a helping hand if you can , they would love to meet people who can try to talk Japanese with them .


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