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yu_n wrote in hsjrants

HELLO EVERYONE! I've been a really crap LJ journalist this year and... a really really crap community administrator... soooo...
I am glad to announce that, like last year.. I am going to be holding a letter event thingy, again :) 

We are (if you didn't participate last year... here's what we're doing) going to collect messages to Chinen Yuuri from people on the internet (so, if you want your messages included, send them to ME; Then I will print them out and stuff and put them into a nice package and send them off to Japan. :) 

Sorry guys; this year I really really don't have the time to translate. I know; after being such a crap administrator this year... I'm still being slack T_T. Please forgive. 

Nonetheless; get busy and send a message NOW. Because I need them, as it's November 1st. We have one month to get this thing going. 
Entries will close on the 25th of NOVEMBER.  

So... get sending :) I will gladly help people :) 

ALSO, I have decided to send in a New year/Christmas present thing to the entire group... meaning HSJ.
So, hurry up XD You're HIkaru, Takaki, Yuuto... Yamada... Ryutaro... is waiting for your messages :D
This project ends 20th December. I need time to get organised XD

I will be doing a summary + pictures at the end of both projects, so that you know that I haven't been playing around and being a jerk :) 

If you have any questions post here :) 


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